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      中國黃金協會是2001年經國家經濟貿易委員會和中華人民共和國民政部正式批準和注冊登記的全國性社團組織。中國黃金協會英文譯名為CHINA GOLD ASSOCIATION,縮寫為CGA。協會是由黃金勘探、生產、加工、流通企業、投資企業、科研院所和與黃金相關的企事業單位、社團組織等依法自愿組成的全國性、非營利性、自律性社團組織。
      China Gold Association is approved by former State Economy and Trade Committee and the Ministry of Civil Affair, and registered as the nation-wide corporative organization in 2001. The English name of the association is China Gold Association, and is abbreviated as CGA. According to the relative laws and on the base of voluntary, CGA is incorporated as a nation-wide, unprofitable and autonomic organization, and includes the enterprises of gold exploration, operation, processing, logistics, investment, research institutes, and other institutions having relationship with gold industry.
      The principle of CGA is insisting the basic route of Communist Party, in correspondence with the constitution, laws and provisions, abiding with social morality. CGA keeps supplying the services for the government, enterprises and the operators of the sectors, and establishing and improving autonomic mechanism in the industry. On the guidance of macro-economy adjustment of the government, the industry self-management could gradually be realized. As the assistant of the government, CGA is a bridge between the government and the members, the role of middleman could supply relative service to the members. International cooperation and communication could be carried out through CGA, and the cooperation for foreign economy and technology could be promoted. CGA is also to be involved in the activities such as: judgment of award for science and technology in gold industry, the application and promotion for science and technology, promoting gold products, cultivating national brand, expanding the realm of gold application, increasing the consumption of gold.
      CGA is sincerely eager to establish a closed relationship with the relative organization and institutions in different countries and regions of the world. At the same time, CGA also like to build up the relationship with the relative domestic organizations, to learn from each other and cooperate to make contribution to the development of the gold industry mutually.